Laceration Tray

Laceration Tray 20/cs With Floor-Grade Polished Instruments One tray One 5" floor-grade, Webster (smooth) needle holder One 4-1/2" floor-grade, straight Iris scissors One 5" curved, floor-grade, Mosquito hemostat One 1x2 floor-grade, Adson tissue forceps Two 2 oz. medicine cups One 10cc Luer lock syringe One 25g x 5/8" needle One 27g x 1-1/2" needle One 18g x 1-1/2" needle Five 2" x 2" gauze sponges Ten 4" x 4" gauze sponges One polylined, fenestrated drape Two absorbent towels One CSR wrap One set of 10 Universal Medication labels
  • SKU: BU-749