Lumbar Puncture Tray 22Gx3.5in

Lumbar Puncture Tray 22Gx3.5in Adult One mulit-compartment tray with prep well One 2mL ampule 1% lidocaine hydrochloride, USP One 3cc syringe with 25g x 5/8 needle Three sponge sticks Three gauze pads One towel One fenestrated drape with adhesive strip One bandage One 20g x 3-1/2" spinal needle with stylet One 3-way stopcock One 5" extension tube One 2-piece 550mm manometer One 22g x 1-1/2" infiltration needle Four 10mL specimen vials, prenumbered, with caps Four patient I.D. labels One CSR wrap One set of 10 universal medication labels 10/cs
  • SKU: BU-649